News Center -TDO- “Street Art in the embassy Garden” exhibition featuring the works of seven Ankara street artists (Molektiv, Karagözüktukaptan, Cem Somal, Devak, Atione, Stak) was opened within the scope of the "Ankara art Path" project of the embassy Culture Department and curator Attila Güllü, hosted by German Ambassador to Turkey Jürgen Schultz and his spouse Mrs. Stanton.

As part of the project, a large number of guests participated in the exhibition, which aims to introduce Ankara artists through the embassy's social media platforms and bring their work to a wider audience.

Street art, which has a wide spectrum from ‘graffiti' to 'mural', has been abundant in global metropolises for decades, with internationally renowned artists emerging from this medium and influencing other branches of art and artists in style. Street artists have started to be active in our country in recent years, and even street art or 'mural festivals' have started to be held at regular December in some of our major cities.

Sabrina Brockmann of the embassy's Culture Department, who gave the opening speech of the exhibition, said: "We are very happy to have you with us at the Sstreet art in the embassy Garden" exhibition tonight.

With this exhibition, we continue the Ankara art Path project, which we started last year with our curator Attila Güllü. Because of the corona pandemic, social life was increasingly restricted, and those who worked especially in the field of culture and art were very affected by it.

In addition, it was important for us to promote Ankara as an art and cultural place in Turkey in the social media environment.

In addition to these virtual promotions, we also held an exhibition of different artists in the garden of the embassy in the fall of last year. This was the first in the nearly 100-year history of our embassy. For this, we sincerely thank our ambassador and his spouse, Mrs. Stanton.”

Curator Attila Güllü used the following statements in his speech: “Despite the pandemic conditions of this open-air exhibition you are in - taking the necessary precautions, of course-it came to life as a product of the Will and collective work to continue artistic practice. We welcome street artists who work, live and produce in Ankara in this wonderful piece of nature surrounded by the city.”

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