Aslıhan DOĞRU -TDO- In the 'Filomena' snowstorm, which affected much of Spain, 3 people have died.

Road, rail, and airline transportation have stopped in the capital Madrid and other cities.

Civil aid agencies have been put on "red" alert in 10 major cities in 5 regions, in the country that has experienced the heaviest snowstorm in 50 years.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez asked the citizens not to go out on the streets unless they had to.

He said 400 people trapped on the roads have been rescued since the night of January 8th.

Due to bad weather conditions, new types of coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination efforts have been suspended in Madrid and many cities.

The Atletico Madrid-Athletic Bilbao match, scheduled for 10 January in La Liga, was also postponed due to weather conditions.

Meteorological officials announced that the snowfall is expected to continue until early in the week.

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