Selin ATAY-TDO- The Spanish government has declared a state of emergency in Madrid and the surrounding region to combat rising cases of coronavirus. Along with the decision made by the government, people residing in the capital and its region will not be able to leave their homes, except in mandatory cases.

Recently, the regional government of Madrid decided to implement quarantine measures throughout the city. But high court rejected measures forced on the region by the central government, including the partial lockdown of the Spanish capital and nine neighboring municipalities. Then, the central government took action and reintroduced the Covid-19 measures, declaring a state of emergency in the capital.

The move on Friday by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's government takes immediate effect and last for two weeks. It forces the authorities in Madrid to restore travel restrictions that had been brought in by the government. However, the restrictions were struck down by the court ruling.

Under the measures, all non-essential travel to the capital and nine neighboring municipalities is banned. New restrictions have also been imposed on bars and restaurants, shops, gyms, gyms, hairdressers, limiting to six the number of people able to meet in public or private.

Spain's Interior Minister said 7,000 police would be deployed to enforce the restrictions taken in the covid-19 crackdown. Officers duly began carrying out checks on Friday.

Madrid's conservative regional government opposed the constraints, arguing that these measures were draconian and hurt the economy. It argued that more moderate measures were enough to fight the virus.

The court agreed with Madrid's conservative regional government and said such restrictions on freedom could not be introduced without bringing in a state of alarm. The high court said in a statement that it "rejected the ratification (of the measures), because they harmed the fundamental rights and freedoms" of the 4.5 million inhabitants affected by the partial lockdown, which came into force a week ago.

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