Selin ATAY-TDO- Sri Lanka authorities informed on Sunday that the island is sending 21 containers of waste found to contain 'hazardous material” back to the UK.

As per reports, containers had 260 tonnes of rubbish and were shipped to the Sri Lanka  in violation of international laws governing the shipping of hazardous materials.

According to custom officials, the shipment was meant to be made up of used mattresses, carpets and rugs for potential recycling.

However, hospital waste was discovered in many of the 263 containers imported by a private firm. Furthermore, custom officials said there was also plastic and polythene waste in the containers.

The original importation breached international laws and EU regulations on hazardous waste and its disposal, customs spokesman Sunil Jayaratne said.

Officials in Sri Lanka announced that the 21 containers left Sri Lanka on Saturday.

In 2018, the judicial process was initiated after Sri Lanka authorities impounded the material.

UK’s Environment Agency (EA) said in a statement that it was committed to tackling illegal waste exports. "We are in contact with the Sri Lankan authorities and have requested more information which would allow us to launch a formal investigation," UK’s Environment Agency spokesperson said.

Several other countries in the region have recently begun to follow similar path by returning waste imported from foreign countries. In January, Malaysia returned 42 shipping containers of illegally imported plastic waste to the Britain.

After returning imported plastic waste, Malaysian environment minister had said that the nation was taking steps to ensure that it “does not become the garbage dump of the world”.

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