News Center - TDO - A reception was held at the embassy for the 73rd anniversary of Sri Lanka's independence, hosted by Sri Lankan Ambassador to Ankara Mohammad Rizvi Hassen and his wife Husna Zamaniya Cader Hassen.

The reception was attended by Venerable Siddhaththa Thero, Mr. Pirijwal Raj, Imam Ahmet Aktas, Rev. Father Seraphin Ngoie Kazadi, Mr. Beshir Ugur, Honorary Consul for the Mediterranean Region, Adana, Chairman of BETA Teas, Mr. Fatih Yücelik, Honorary Consul for the Eastern Anatolian Region, Erzurum & CEO of Askale Cimento, Mr. Guy Lardinois, Mr. Mahamut Uller, senior management of Atakule tower and other guests attended.

The reception began when the Sri Lankan flag was hoisted at the embassy building.I extend a very warm welcome to all of you joining with us at the Embassy so graciously to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of Independence of Sri Lanka. I am extremely thankful to you all who are here to show up with your good spirit most of you all have travelled from various cities bravely during this challenging & stressful time with the pandemic. You all have shown true great allegiance to our motherland and the patriotism.  My heartfelt gratitude to Venerable Siddhaththa Thero taking all the trouble to travel from Rome to Ankara and all other religious dignitaries for honour my invitation to conduct religious observances and bless Sri Lankans, Turks and to prosper the two countries’ relations. My whole hearted thanks to our Turkish friends present here as well.

We all, all over the world are presently going through the biggest challenge, trauma and tension. The challenge never ever thought by our generation. The strong will and commitment of the people, the governments, leadership of Presidents and blessing of almighty entire world hopefully will to overcome from the difficulties. Especially Sri Lankans with their unflattering spirit will unite and stand strong to defeat the pandemic and soon start day to day livelihood actively. I am confident that strong and well planned efforts of the President of Turkey and the Turkish government will defeat the pandemic and bring the calmness and the prosperity again to Turkey 

I take this opportunity to expressed gratitude and convey the appreciation of His Excellency Gotabaya Rajapaksa President of Sri Lanka, government and the people of Sri Lanka to His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdogan, government of Turkey for the medical donation consist of ventilators dispatched to Sri Lanka for the use of fight against the pandemic in Sri Lanka. This gesture once again proved true brotherly friendship between Turkey and Sri Lanka.

I express my sincere condolences to families lost their loved ones who due to the covid virus in Sri Lanka & Turkey as well as Ukraine & Georgia. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Also wish our brothers and sisters of the two countries who are in hospitals taking medication for the deadly virus to recover fast and get well fast.

This year Sri Lanka and Turkey reaches a milestone of 73 years of establishment of diplomatic relations. Sri Lankans always admire friendship of Turkey as a true friend. The leadership of (President) His Excellency Gotabaya Rajapaksa, through his national policy framework, “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” leading Sri Lanka to achieve desirable goals to make Sri Lanka a prosperous, peaceful and develop country in the region.

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