News Center -TDO- Sri Lanka Open Air Short Film Festival and Batik Fashion Fashion Show were held at Sahil Antalya Yaşam Park in Antalya Konyaaltı hosted by Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Ankara Mohamed Rizvi Hassen.

Sri Lankan Ankara Ambassador Mohamed Rizvi Hassen, Sri Lankan Honorary Consul Ali Kamburoğlu, Antalya Journalists Association President İdris Taş and many guests attended the event.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Hassen said, “Despite their busy schedules, I respectfully greet our distinguished guests and members of the press who are here today for the 'Sri Lanka Open Air Short Film Festival and Batik Fashion Show'. I would like to give you very brief information about Sri Lanka Batik fabric and hand weaving industry, the birth of Sri Lanka Batik and Hand weaving industry dates back thousands of years and Sri Lankans were meeting their fabric needs with traditional methods even in the beginning period. In the current conditions of the world, these traditional methods have been blended with new technological know-how and now we come across with wonderful products. Currently Sri Lanka Batik and Hand weaving offers the world high quality products covering dresses, beachwear and swimsuits, menswear, scarves and shawls. The hand-weaving industry is also linked to the fashion industry. Therefore, it is possible to see value-added products made from Sri Lankan batik and hand-woven products in the most famous fashion shows of the world.”

Ambassador Hassen: "You Will Get to Know Sri Lanka Closely"

Ambassador Hassen, who said that he believed that these products should meet with the Turkish market because I saw the uniqueness of batik products blended with the latest technology, said, “After our Batik Fashion fashion show that will take place today, we will have the chance to watch award-winning Sri Lankan short films in various genres. This experience will show you how cleverly the Sri Lankan film industry has developed itself. Every detail of Sri Lanka that you will see in the short films will help you, our guests, get to know Sri Lanka's beauty and brilliance better. While thanking you once again for your participation, I invite you to experience the diversity of Sri Lanka and enjoy our event.”

After the speeches, Turkish models exhibited quality, colorful and handmade Batiks.

The event ended after watching Sri Lanka's award-winning short films.

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