Ma Jisheng (57) Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to Iceland has not returned to Iceland which he left in January. The ambassador was arrested in Beijing, to which he had been invited, by the Security Ministry of the PRC.
According to details revealed to the media, Ma Jisheng who had previously served twice in Japan is being accused of spying on behalf of Japan and passing on Chinese information. Besides Jisheng, who had been the News Director of the Foreign Ministry between 2008-2012 before being appointed ambassador to Iceland, his wife has also been arrested by the Security Ministry. According to the US based Chinese news site Minjing, the rumours that Ma Jisheng and his wife have been arrested on charges of selling state secrets to Japan have been brushed off with a “no comment” statement from the PRC Foreign Ministry.
Most recently, in December 2006, the PRC’s former Ambassador to South Korea Li Bin had been arrested on charges of selling sensitive information to the South Korean administration and had been sentenced to seven years in jail.
Commentary on the alleged case of spying has it that news regarding PRC nationals caught in the act of spying are deliberately released to the press by PRC authorities in order to deter those who are acting or considering to act in the interests of the USA and its allies.
News Agency

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