Selin ATAY-TDO- The Tokyo Olympics, scheduled to take place in 2020, were postponed for 1 year due to the covid-19 outbreak. At the Tokyo Olympics, which are expected to take place in July 2021 due to the pandemic, spectators may be banned from cheering because of the danger of spreading the coronavirus.

The Japanese government had rehearsed the Olympics last week with a sports organization. Rules such as a mask requirement and a ban on cheering were applied to the audience of 2,000 people who came to the sports organization.

Tokyo 2020 Chief Executive (CEO) Toshiro Muto stated that the risk of coronavirus transmission is quite high if the audience is shouting, talking and cheering. "Such a decision came out of the committee meeting. We can ask the audience not to speak loudly and not to cheer. Because they have the possibility of releasing particles into the air (through the mouth). We have to monitor that risk., "he said.

Other practices on the agenda of Japanese officials include keeping spectators who will enter Tokyo to watch the Olympics in quarantine for 15 days or not taking public transport for 2 weeks. But the majority of officials agree that such measures are unlikely to be enforceable.

Japanese officials said that while some measures are difficult to implement, all athletes and tourists who enter the country will be subjected to Covid-19 testing. He also stated that everyone, including spectators, jurors, athletes and officials, would be required to wear masks at competitions.

Everyone participating in the competitions will also be required to use disinfectant at certain time intervals.

Unlike countries in Europe, there are weekly sports competitions in Japan. However, a certain number of spectators are taken to these competitions. During the competition, spectators are not allowed to touch or cheer on each other.

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