Hassam Hameed-TDO-23.01.2018- Formal agreement has been announced to negotiate a formal coalition. Since September ruling party has been trying to form a coalition government but has been unable to do so. SPD leader had initially refused to join in any coalition but, now since CDU/CSU, FDP and greens talks broke down, he has changed his mind.

SPD and CDU have been forming coalition government for eight years now since last twelve years. SPD leader Martin Schulz vowed to move into opposition since right-wingers were strengthening according to his critics. Both parties held talks earlier this month to tame their differences. Both parties experienced decreasing supporters because of their stance on immigration and asylum seekers, which was very ‘open’ according to their supporters who have now joined the vote bank of AFD.

Comprehensive talks started on Monday and optimistic Mrs Merkel thinks talks would wrap up by 12th of February. If talks fail, Mrs Merkel would need to form government with the greens involving SPD support, to which she prefer new elections as she stated it before.


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