Hassam Hameed-TDO-02.12.2017- Angela Merkel and her center-left former partner Martin Schulz started to held meetings this Thursday in an effort to end the deadlock. They are expected to meet today again. Meeting was set forth at the invitation of President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, in Berlin.

Germany is unable to form a coalition government since the elections in September. Mrs Merkel failed to form a government with the greens and FDP, as FDP pulled of the coalition talks and is said to be the biggest challenge of Mrs Merkel political career. During the talks between Mrs Merkel and Martin, education and infrastructure spending, health insurance and limit of  asylum seekers would be discussed. Mr. Martin said on wednesday that he is aware of his political responsibility for the country’s stability. Coalition between CDU/CSU and SPD seems to be very likely, as polls suggest that re-election would probably give very similar results.

Volkswagen’s head of truck operations has warned over the effect of the stalemate on commercial-vehicle industry. VW truck & bus chief executive said that Germany can not afford an unstable government, as its role in Europe forbids it.

Analysts believe that CDU/CSU-SPD alliance would be an amazing opportunity for Germany, to work with France and rest of Europe, to take a lead in global arena(partnering with China) when US is seen as threatening global consensus on climate change and open trade. 



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