Mustafa AY – TDO – 27.12.2017 King of Spain Felipe VI, during his Christmas speech, made the vital statements relating to Catalans’ struggle for secession from Spain. Following newly arranged parliamentary vote in Catalonia, Separatist Catalan Lawmakers won the majority of seats and retook the country’s decision making organ. So, King Felipe addressed the newly elected Catalan legislators with the messages referring to “new parliament ought to face the drawbacks which may affect Catalan society. We are giving great importance to the common good including in Catalans”. Since the King of Spain underscored the common good, the consequence of the secession referendum of Catalans unfavorably affected Catalonia’s income. Following the referendum, more than 3000 firms, both foreign and domestic, have moved their headquarters out of Catalonia, which plays a key role in diminishing the quality and standards of lives of region’s society because leaving firms left a vast unemployment behind. Besides it, Catalonia has a very high tourism income, but owing to the confrontation and political uncertainty in Catalonia, the figure of tourist in the upcoming season may decrease harshly.

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