Mustafa AY – TDO – 29.09.2017 Catalan administration accused Spain of blocking the region-centered websites which were reportedly disseminating independence-related information. Pro-referendum politicians in Catalan administration, who are currently under pressure from Spain, knowingly organized public campaigns and released advertising with the aim of enhancing Catalan society’s awareness of the pros of independence. For the reason of increasing threat to the solidarity of Spain, Madrid appeared to put pressure on Catalan’s attempt at independence by dictating legitimate bans on them.

Mariano Rajoy is implementing some strict sanctions over Catalans so that they can restrain Catalan administration’s strive for independence.  Especially, Madrid directly exhibits offending and outraging moves like confiscation of ballot papers, deployment of extra-police force and apprehension of Catalan politicians, which inevitably fuel mutual secessionism within the country. Catalans started this process, but they won’t most probably finalize the end of this bothersome process. Meaning that the emergence of nationwide identity depression, which was initiated by Catalans, may transform into the bloody domestic conflict, but depending on the severity of attitude Spanish government will adopt.   

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