Mustafa AY - TDO – 5.10.2017 After no compliance with Madrid’s warning concerning not to organize independence referendum by Catalan government, Catalans persisted in administering the referendum and literally proclaimed its secession from Spain with overwhelming majority of yes’ voters -90%-. Today, Madrid sent its troops comprising of 20 trucks from the Logistic Support Group 41, full of equipped soldiers, into Catalonia region to point out how serious the situation will be, if Catalans maintain asserting their will on independence from Spain.

According to official statement from Spanish authorities, Spanish troops were sent in Barcelona on account of suppressing the public riot –“strike” Catalan officials claim to be so-. On contrary to Spanish government’s intensive efforts to keep Spain in solidarity, Catalan Leader Puigdemont uttered that this military option of Madrid will merely lead the region to be against Spain. In addition, Mr. Puigdemont said that Madrid’s insistence on rejecting our democratic decision is an ultimate mistake.     

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