Serhat TUNAR -TDO - In Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced early elections on April 28th.

As it is known, the budgetary bill prepared by the minority government of Sanchez, the leader of the Socialist Labor Party, was rejected by Parliament on Wednesday. After an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, Sanchez made a statement to the public on television. "I asked for the dissemination of the Assembly and the election on 28 April," Prime Minister said.

"I chose the latter among the options to continue without any budget and go to early elections without doing anything. Spain should continue and proceed in a respectful, balanced and logical way," the prime minister said.

Prior to this incident, CarlesPuigdemont, President of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, accused the Spanish Government and the European Union at a press conference after the 12-month Catalan separatist leader was tried for his prison sentence by the Supreme Court of Spain.

Pedro Sanchez, elected from the Socialist Labor Party, came to power in June last year when the government of Mariano Rahoj failed to win a vote of confidence.

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