İrem GÖL -TDO- Spain’s pace of new coronavirus deaths slowed for the fourth day on Monday as the government contemplated a gradual easing of a lockdown in place since mid-March in the national with the second highest death toll from the global pandemic. As with worst-hit Italy, data in Spain is giving cause for hope the peak has passed.

Deputy Head of Spain’s health emergency committee Maria Jose Sierra says the pandemic’s growth rate is slowing down in almost every region. Madrid Clinical Hospital’s head of emergencies Juan Gonzalez also confirmed a drastic drop in patients coming in the hospital.

Officials said for restrictions to be lifted, testing had to be widened beyond those suspected of having the Covid-19 disease and health workers, so as to find carriers who may have no symptoms or only very mild symptoms. The Transport Minister Jose Luis Abalos said: “We are in a new phase of the pandemic, where a reactivation of certain activities and sectors is possible but doesn’t imply we are relaxing our attitude… We are studying the terms of this transition.” Spain has been in lockdown since March 14. Monday’s data showed Spain’s total cases up to 135,032, the highest in Europe and second in the world after the United States.

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