İrem GÖL -TDO- The number of new coronavirus infections in Spain has fallen to a record low since the outbreak began, as Europe’s worst-hit country braced for the reopening of some sectors of its economy this week. Deaths increased slightly to 619 in the past 24 hours and were likely to exceed 17,000 on Sunday, but Spanish health ministry figures showed new cases had grown by 2.6% over the same period- the lowest rate since the pandemic took off in the country a month ago and caseloads started increasing by one-fifth a day.

After a videoconference with the leaders of Spain’s autonomous regions on Sunday afternoon, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the country remained firmly in lockdown despite the easing of r4estrictions on non-essential workers. Those returning to work were being advised to maintain social distancing and face masks will be handed out in metro and rail stations.

Sanchez said: “The state of emergency is still in force, and so is the lockdown. The only thing that has come to an end is the two-week extreme economic hibernation period. General confinement will remain the rule for the next two weeks, and the only people allowed out will be those going to authorised jobs or making authorised purchases.”  He added that there could be a progressive and very cautious relaxation of the lockdown in two weeks’ time at the earliest – but only if current trends continued.

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