Görkem ŞEKEROĞLU -TDO- The Iranian media reported that a South Korean-flagged tanker has been seized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards navy for polluting the Gulf with chemical substances.

A semi-official Iran news agency published pictures showing what it identified as Guards speed boats escorting the tanker Hankuk Chemi  which it said was loaded with 7,200 tonnes of ethanol.

The vessel’s crew has been detained in the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas the Iranian semi-official news agency reported on Monday (4 January). The media reports claim that the crew members are from South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar, However, they did not specify the number of detained crew members or where they were being kept.

South Korea’s foreign ministry did not provide any comments.

Iranian authorities have also not yet commented on the incident, which comes ahead of an expected visit by South Korea’s deputy foreign minister to Tehran.

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