İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO-04.08.2017- A group of South Korean officers argued that Seoul needs to develop its own nuclear program to deter North Korean aggression as they cannot depend on American support under Trump administration.

US President Donald Trump’s isolationist policies under his ‘’ America First’’ motto and aggressive approach that ‘’orders’’ its allies to ‘’pay more’’ for their own security, hesitate Asian states too. During his presidential campaign, he even suggested South Korea and Japan to develop nuclear weapons which is illegal, in order to cope with Kim Jong-Un’s government in the North.

According to recent public polls, majority of public is in favor of that. Moon Chung In, a national security adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae In, said “Trump’s ‘America-first’ policy has triggered this kind of public sentiment”. Moreover, Yoon Young Seok, an MP who belongs to the conservative Liberty Korea Party said “They want to strike a better balance of power between South and North Korea, and I also support that position”.

At this point, it is significant to remind that South Korea had been trying to develop its own nuclear weapons until 1970s but forced to give up as it was under pressure from the US. Now, South Korea allegedly have 4,000 nuclear weapons given by Washington.

Regardless of contradictive ideas expressed by Western leaders on the issue, new tests of Pyongyang raised fears both in Asian states and in the west. Some American intelligence officers argued that achieved to produce a missile able to reach to the American continent.

There is no doubt that what North Korean authorities try to do is illegal. Nevertheless, it is also important to note that US, Russia, UK, France, Israel, India, Pakistan (allegedly), Iran have nuclear capabilities even though it was prohibited. Even, some leaders of these countries worked personally to have a consensus on nuclear proliferation treaties but did not sign the agreement at the final stage.

Regardless of both sincere and pretended attempts to solve the problem, now, military choices are on the desk. Pentagon has already settled its military ships to South China Sea and White House try to create a pressure circle over Kim Jong-Un. Even though, we have get used to all of these risky developments, the real threat is on the door if American officer’s claims are true. Remember how USA entered to World War II and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. First, USA attacked on sea, Pearl Harbor was shut in Pacific. Secondly, terrorists attacked to America ‘’on land’’ and troops sanded to Middle East. If we take other political and borderline disputes in the region into account, it is for sure that it would lead additional problems and create a bigger battlefield for sides to fight in. 

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