İrem GÖL -TDO- According to Al Jazeera, while countries as the United States and Italy continue to struggle dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, in some countries like South Korea, the new infection rate started to decrease. But the country is now grappling with a new problem: at least 222 people have tested positive for the virus again after recovering, and experts do not have any explanation yet.

Dr Roh Kyung-ho from Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Ilsan Hospital said: “We can look at this as a matter of reinfection or a matter of reactivation.” The experts state that the difference between these two words – reinfection or reactivation – could be key in the global fight against Covid-19. A reactivation would mean that an individual with Covid-19 has not been able to fight off the virus after seeming to get better. Being reinfected would mean that an individual has fully recovered byt then contracts the virus again.

Hwang Seung-sik from the Seoul National University points out that the main reason for distinguishing between reinfection and reactivation is, if it were a case of reinfection, which would mean that the immune system in the human body has not properly built immunity to Covid-19.  “So far, we have not seen significant changes in the coronavirus itself, so the possibility of being truly reinfected is low” he adds.

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