Selin ATAY-TDO-"We don't have a better friend than Turkey in Somalia, and the Somali people know that," Somali’s Foreign Minister said, expressing the appreciation of Somalia for Turkey’s support on the global stage and in the country’s development process."The Somali people's heart and minds are with the Turkish people," he added. 

"My trip was basically to thank to Turkish government, Turkish people for the support they give Somalia," Somali's foreign minister Ahmed Awad said Thursday on a diplomatic visit to Turkey. 

During his first official visit to Ankara, Awad spoke about Turkey-Somalia relations, the United Nations Security Council's (UNSC) decision to extend the arms embargo against Somalia, and the efforts to decouple Somalia-Somaliland.

"I brought greetings from my president and my prime minister to the president of Turkey and Turkish people for the very strong continued support that Turkey provides Somalia on all fronts," the Foreign Minister told.

Awad also mentioned about the arms embargo imposed by the UN Security Council. "We think that this embargo has outlived its usefulness," he said, adding that the country would prefer to have it lifted.

Mentioning Turkey’s support for the peace building process between Somalia and Somaliland, Awad said: "Somaliland is a part of Somalia." Emphasizing that Somalia welcomed any support to improve the relationship between Somalia and Somaliland, he underlined that Mogadishu wants its "brothers in Somaliland to rejoin the Somali state."

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