In Venezuela, some activists who are accused of planning a coup attempt and threating the security of the society. President Nicolas Maduro said that several activists aimed to overthrow the government, in a highly undemocratic way. However, there is no evidence that proof the coup attempt in Venezuela.Maduro said, “"We must win the battle against the coup, before, during, and after the dates announced by these fascists,"
Some of the protestors were also captured with explosive substances such as c4, and some of them still couldn’t attaint, said Maduro. He also stated that protestors who threaten the security of country will go to jail, no matter what they defend for.
On the other hand, opposition leaders criticized governments’ intervention and call their supporters to engage a protest for recalling a referendum against Maduro. Even though, Maduro plays the victim here , his aggression and attitude towards the innocent people, supporters of opposition, -who tries to declare their rights- is almost same with his attitude towards the hostile. In which, makes him seem like he is taking advantage of the situation by showing the opposition as guilty to the rest of the society.
This is American ImperialismPresident Maduro also blamed US government for targeting leftist governments in Latin America."The threat is coming directly from American imperialism," he said.Beste Naz Gülen

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