Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Slovenian Foreign Minister Miroslav Cerar said they would continue to support Turkey's membership of the European Union, adding: "Slovenia is against closing the door for Turkey to the European Union." quoth. The Slovenian Minister called on Turkey to make reforms towards the European Union.

Cerar made the announcement on Monday about his visit to Turkey, which will begin with formal talks in Ankara. Stressing that they support Turkey's membership in the European Union, Cerar said: "the status of a candidate country is not comparable to the partnership established by the European Union with non-member states or third countries. However, this special and privileged status with the European Union brings not only benefits but also obligations.”

Reminding that candidate countries should have different merit, more than third countries, the Slovenian Minister called on Turkey to reform. "The expectations of European Union member states from candidate countries automatically rise because they are considered to be future members of the club. The fundamental values of the European Union must be respected and all reforms must be carried out in this direction.”

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