long time has passed since the aerial wing of the Japanese Navy carried out a surprise attack on the American Navy on December 7th 1941. There has been much speculation as to what exactly took place. It was claimed that American intelligence knew about the attack and suppressed the information in order to create shock in the American public. Be that as it may, the USA entered the war and from 1943 onwards, served to shift the balance.
Following the first major conflict of the 20th century, the USA seemed to be keeping its distance to political developments in Europe. Germany had been crushed under the heavy provisions of the treaty it had been forced to sign at the end of WWI. The rise of the Nazi Party and of Hitler began here, like similar events in history. At this point the responsibility lies more with the elite group of people who intervened on world politics whenever they deemed fit rather than those who did not accept the young Adolf to the Fine Arts Academy. With the October Revolution which took place after Lenin was sent from Germany to Russia, some people had seen the new situation as a threat and had formed counter dynamics. The steel and iron which nourished the warfare industry of Germany had been supplied by American firms in the 1930s. The background struggle for the territories split up from the empire after WWI had intensified. From the second part of the 1930s onwards, the world was unavoidably headed towards turmoil.
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