Scotland' First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced a new drive for a second referendum on Scottish independence.A referendum on Scottish independence took place on 18 September 2014 and the "No" side won, with 55.3% voting against independence and 44.7% voting in favor. Hence it was decided to Scotland maintains its dependence to the United Kingdom.
Nevertheless, on 24 June, the United Kingdom has voted in a crucial referendum to leave the European Union and EU took a major blow to its politics. Most importantly, Scotland, where people voted by a large margin to stay in the EU, became likely to seek independence after Britain’s decision to leave. The SNP leader Sturgeon made a statement in Stirling and announced to have a new conversation about independence to be sure there is support for independence after Brexit. In fact, Sturgeon many times before said a new referendum is a strong possibility in order to protect relations of Scotland with the European Union and to remain in the common market.
However, a new call for the independence referendum can be considered as an impulsive decision. Since Scotland is a dependent country of more than 300 years, Scotland' economy cannot handle independence after independence. Hence a referendum to be held in Scotland continues to be an issue regarding the Scottish economy.Nuran YILDIRIM

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