Serhat TUNAR –TDO- One person has died and another has been seriously injured after a shooting in the center of the Austrian capital Vienna, police said Friday, ruling out a terrorist motive, AFP reported.

Police said a man fired several shots in the city's first district.

"A terrorist motive is out of the question," it said in a series of tweets, adding that early indications pointed to a "targeted crime".

"Following the shooting in the city center, there are intensive search operations going on throughout the city," it said.

"There is no danger to bystanders at this time," it added.

Several people have been stopped and questioned over possible involvement but the suspect is still on the run, the police said.

A police helicopter hovered over the city center near where the two casualties were found.

The surrounding streets were closed to traffic and pedestrians and local media reported that police in bulletproof vests and helmets had been deployed.

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