İrem GÖL -TDO- A gunman who pretended to be a police officer killed 16 people after 12 hour shooting across Nova Scotia. That has been the worst act of mass murder that the country has seen in modern times. The bodies were found in different places in the rural town of Portapique and several homes were set on fire. One police officer was among the dead. The gunman was also found dead, who died during the gunfight with the police.

Authorities said Gabriel Wortman, aged 51, died after shooting people in several locations across the province. The officers believe the gunman may have targeted the first victims before going on to commit random attacks. He was wearing a uniform and he was driving a vehicle made to resemble a police car. The officials confirmed that he was not a police officer or employed in any case for the law enforcement agencies.

Police could not detect a motive for the shooting yet. The prime minister, Justin Trudeau said the situation was terrible. The shooting seems to be the worst of its kind since a gunman killed fifteen women in Montreal in December 1989. Mass shootings are relatively rare in Canada, which has tighter control laws than the United States.

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