By Mustafa AY –TDO– 02.08.2017 Former President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, was convicted for corruption and money laundering and then condemned to imprisonment for almost 10 years by the court. The Brazilian court put him in jail as a result of state-investigation named “Car Wash” operation. Lula’s imprisonment accordingly created confusion in public opinion about the course of state at the beginning of this bothersome process. However, it is merely the beginning of the end.

Predecessor of current President Michel Temer, Dilma Rousseff, was removed from the office by overwhelming vote-against her authority. Senate voted against her on account of impeachment. In the aftermath of this move by Senate, she regarded her dismissal as a ‘coup’. But, her stance on this Senate-voting is full of suspicion owing to her pre-presidency era. She worked as a chief director in the state-led petroleum giant named Petrobras while former president Lula was in charge of top executive. In the meantime, that Lula designated 3 as top managers to Petrobras under Rousseff’s control unavoidably has turned former President Rousseff into target by court because they laundered great amount of money from Petrobras throughout her presence on the top.

Now, current President of Brazil, Michel Temer, is under investigation because he was in charge of vice presidency during Rousseff administration. For this reason, Solicitor General Rodrigo Janot incorporated President Temer into the ongoing process. Recently, he has been literally facing the possibility of corruption charges by Prosecutor Carlos Lima due to findings associated with if Temer got involved in corruption. Politician Rocha Loures, who is close aide to President Temer in the lower House, got 150.000$ worth to bribery from Joesley Batista, well-recognized affluent businessman in Brazil, with the aim of eliminating bureaucratic obstacles. This turned Temer into target likewise Rousseff. Brazil-centered Journal ‘O Globo’ disclosed the clandestine meeting among Temer and Batista during the time when Rouche Loures got into bribery. As a result of this news, Attorney General Janot conceived that “150.000$ worth bribery went to Temer in effect. Temer and Batista’s reciprocal relationship is based on commercial interest of both sides.”. These allegations conceived by Solicitor General steered attorney Carlos to take action against Temer at last.

Following that ongoing corruption lawsuit reached out Temer, Lower House of Brazil was put in motion. Voting against President Temer will be held in National Assembly tomorrow. If this voting results in against President Temer, his office is going to be suspended till 2018 elections by Assembly. But, the voting is going to remain as meaningless as long as Supreme Court does not approve the validity and consequence of voting against Temer. If the total opposite progress occurs, he will be charged with corruption, following his political immunity nullified by Supreme Court’s final decision. Therfore, confidence over the politicians in both Lower House and Senate has been shaked in the eyes of Brazilian society with this frustrating process.

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