Mustafa AY –TDO – 26.08.2017 In Panchkula region of India, Ram Rahim Singh –leader of Dera Sacha Sauda Sect- was taken into custody on account of raping 2 of his female followers. Following his custody, he was charged by the court and convicted of sexual assault and abuse of religion. After the lawsuit, the court’s verdict was to condemn Singh to the imprisonment. In the aftermath of the court’s decision, he was transported to jail in Haryana state with a helicopter.

On Friday, that leader of the Sect was sentenced to imprisonment prompted outrage of his followers that is public insurrection. In Haryana and Punjab, 200.000 followers of Singh gathered for the defiance to the verdict and release of him from the jail. Owing to uprising, electricity, internet and cable TV were cut off. Since the beginning of the riot, 30 people were dead as well as 250 injured taken to hospital for treatment.

Indian Security Forces imposed curfew so that they can cease all the incidents of violence and terror as possible as fast. Security Forces who confronted with the defiance of thousands of rebels used tear gasses and pressurized water cannons with the aim of dispersing them. As a result of the incapability to pressure on withstanding of the rebels, Delhi administration decided on sending reinforcement to the hot-regions. Inaddition to this, Delhi ordered CBI –Indian Domestic Security Agency- to collect intelligence for the purpose of finding out the agitators of this devastating riot.

Dera Sacha Sauda is one of the most powerful religious sect in India. The size of the sect presumably reached out the population of 60 million. Guru Singh has influence on his devotees as he guided their daily lives and make decisions instead of them. Therefore, Singh is accepted as very powerful figure in terms of both religion and politics.    

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