News Center -TDO- Hosted by Japan's Ambassador to Turkey Akio Miyajima, Serif Tosyalı, Chairman Of The Turkish-Japan Business Council Of The Foreign Economic Relations Board,  was awarded the 'Ambassador to Japan Award' for his contributions to the expansion and deepening of the two countries ' economic relations through the promotion of the interaction between Turkish and Japanese business people.

The award ceremony held at the embassy residence was attended by Deputy Minister of Commerce Gonca Yılmaz Batur, Hatay Deputy Abdulkadir Ozel, Mayor of Iskenderun FatihTosyalı, President of Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK)Nail Olpak, Tosyalı family and other guests.

Delivering the keynote speech, Ambassador Miyajima said: “Mr. Serif Tosyalı, as ambassador to Japan and your friend, I would like to thank you for your contributions to this day. Congratulations on the Ambassador Award.

Since September January 2018 in Istanbul by the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) and DEIK after a break of 4 years, thanks to Mr. Tosyalı's energy and sincerity in the presidency of the DEIK Turkey-Japan Business Council, which he has held since January 24, 2018. Turkey-Japan Business Council joint meeting was held. Thanks to Mr. Tosyalı's leadership, creativity and skill, great success was achieved at the meeting.

This joint meeting was organized by Turkey with the participation of 400 public and private sector representatives and an active exchange of views was held by Japan. As a result, the joint statement text was signed by KEIDANREN and DEIK in the presence of the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mr. Mustafa Varank. Participants took part in the Bosporus tour and had the opportunity to develop more intimate relationships.

It has been 2 years and 4 months since I started my duty as ambassador in Turkey. Turkey and Japan are geographically distant, but our hearts are close. So two states are one heart.

I believe that Mr. Serif Tosyalı, who received the Ambassador Award, will bring the two countries closer by acting as a bridge between Turkey and Japan. Mr. Serif, I ask you to do this, and I sincerely congratulate you, your family and your friends.”

The Ambassador of Japan award is intended to honor the Ambassador of Japan who has done particularly noteworthy service in promoting international cooperation in areas such as economic and technical cooperation, strengthening relations of mutual understanding, friendship and goodwill between Japan and other countries, and the development of foreign economic relations.

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