Mustafa AY – TDO – 13.10.2018 Belgrade administration proclaimed unilateral abolishment of visa-free agreement which was signed with Iran. Such an astonishing decision to Iran by Serbia followed that EU addressed Serbian government its concerns about alleged abuse of visa-free agreement by Iranians.

According to EU politician’s, thousands of Iranian citizens manage to enter EU member states since Serbia serves as a bridge between Iranian migrants and prosperous EU nation states. In order to present an evidence to their claims, EU officials underlined the fact that flights from Tehran to Belgrade takes full while return-flights have almost no passenger.

EU officials stated that roughly 15.000 Iranian citizens managed to enter EU border through Serbia from this August on. In order to inhibit such an abuse effective immediately, EU coerced Serbian government to take necessary actions. As a result of pressure on Belgrade by EU, Serbian government was literally compelled to repeal visa-free agreement with Iran.

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