Aslıhan DOĞRU -TDO- South Korea, China and Singapore are facing a second wave of coronavirus outbreaks due to cases seen in people from outside the country.

In China, the place of the outbreak, no coronavirus cases originating from the country, including the Wuhan, have been observed. However, 34 new cases have been identified among people who recently returned to China.

Singapore yesterday announced 47 new cases. 30 of these people returned from abroad, all three were foreigners.

The number of cases in South Korea increased again on Thursday. No information has been reported as to how many of the 152 cases described are sourced from the country. While most of the new cases were seen in the city of Daegu, 74 people tested positive in a nursing home where the elderly were staying.

Only three new cases have been reported in Japan. In Hokkaido, where 154 cases have been observed so far, it has been announced that the ongoing state of emergency since February will be lifted due to the outbreak coming to a standstill. After the announcement, authorities urged residents not to leave their homes.

Governor Naomichi Suzuki, "So far we have implemented strict measures not to go out. Now we will move to the stage of reducing the risk of spreading infection while continuing our social and economic activities."

Experts note that these four countries have achieved great success in limiting cases of domestic origin, but the increase in other regions could negatively affect this progress.

Newly released data indicate that the danger remains in Asia.

Malaysia, partly under quarantine, is the South East Asian country with the highest number of cases with 790 cases.

Malaysia Health Department Manager Nur Hisham Abdullah in his Facebook message "Please stay at home, protect yourself and your family. Please" he warned the public not to leave the house and "We have a chance to break the chain in Covid-19 infections, we don't accept failure as an option. If we fail, we will face a third wave of viruses and it will be worse than the tsunami" he said.

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