Scotland' First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced a new drive for a second referendum on Scottish independence in the Scottish National party conference in Glasgow. Telling not rushing to another independence referendum, Sturgeon stated to unveil draft legislation next week to prepare for a rerun of a new independence referendum within the next two years.A referendum on Scottish independence took place on 18 September 2014 and the "No" side won, with 55.3% voting against independence and 44.7% voting in favor. Hence it was decided to Scotland maintains its dependence to the United Kingdom.Nevertheless, on 24 June, the United Kingdom has voted in a crucial referendum to leave the European Union and EU took a major blow to its politics. Most importantly, Scotland, where people voted by a large margin to stay in the EU, became likely to seek independence after Britain’s decision to leave.Last month, The SNP leader Sturgeon made a statement in Stirling and announced to have a new conversation about independence to be sure there is support for independence after Brexit. In fact, Sturgeon many times before said a new referendum is a strong possibility in order to protect relations of Scotland with the European Union and to remain in the common market.After telling the Scottish National party conference in Glasgow her government would continue to protect interests of Scotland and remain within the single market if the rest of the UK left, Sturgeon added, “I don’t want Scotland taken out of the single market ... The single market is so important to our economy and my worry – and many moderate Tories have this worry – is that by making this all about control of borders, Theresa May is making it inevitable that the UK leaves the single market.”However, a new call for the independence referendum can be considered as an impulsive decision. Since Scotland is a dependent country of more than 300 years, Scotland' economy cannot handle independence. Hence a referendum to be held in Scotland continues to be an issue regarding the Scottish economy. In this context, on account of the fact that the UK left European Union, Scotland’s independence means the creation of too many problems. Nuran YILDIRIM

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