Mustafa AY – TDO – 21.08.2018 During the last week, India’s southern state of Kerala confronted with natural catastrophe arising from seasonal monsoon rains. As a result of natural disaster, approximately 200 Indians lost their lives as well as over 300,000 have had to be processed through urgent evacuation from the impacted region. Those Indians have reportedly been relocated to the relief camps.
Indian PM Narenda Modi announced that Indian state will pay 50,000 rupee/716 dollars to those who suffered from severe natural disaster. Once monsoon deluge hit South of India, many ınfrastructural structures –varying from railways, expressways, drinking water channels to water purificiation plants-  broke down. In order to minimize the harsh impacts of natural disaster, PM Modi arranged meetings with responsible state officials, who are excelled in this troublesome issue. So many Keralans are still waiting for being rescuing by state. 


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