İrem UZUN -TDO- Hong Kong authorities on Wednesday banned school students from singing of "Glory to Hong Kong", the unofficial anthem of the pro-democracy protest movement. Hong Kong Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung has said that no one in schools should “hold any activities to express their political stance,” and schools must not allow students to play, sing or broadcast the protest song on campuses.

Last year, thousands of children became heavily involved in Hong Kong's pro-democracy push. Some 1,600 were arrested for joining the sometimes-violent demonstrations. Responding to a question in parliament, Yeung said in a statement that “individuals and groups with ulterior motives have deliberately misled and incited students to express their political stance”, and the department and schools were “obliged” to stop it. “Schools would therefore no longer be allowed to permit students to play, sing or broadcast any songs that would disrupt the normal operation of schools, affect students’ emotions or contain political messages... For example, the song ‘Glory to Hong Kong’, originated from the social incidents since June last year, contains strong political messages and is closely related to the social and political incidents, violence and illegal incidents that have lasted for months,” she added to her statement.

The order comes on the same day that a new national Chinese security office opened in the city. The office is one element of a sweeping new law that makes inciting hatred of China's central government and Hong Kong's regional government illegal. The law allows agents to take suspects across the border for trials in Communist party-controlled courts and specifies special privileges for its agents, including that Hong Kong authorities cannot inspect their vehicles.

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