İrem GÖL -TDO-  While the pandemic challenges even the world’s most sophisticated health systems, there is one nation that claims to have no cases at all: North Korea. Nobody knows for sure if anyone in North Korea has already contracted Coronavirus, but recent political moves seems to signal worry in Pyongyang. In South Korea, analysts and medical experts are highly sceptical of Pyongyang’s claims – and those with sources in North korea said the virus is already ravaging its way through the country.

“Despite the fact that North Korea closed its borders or refused to allow Chinese or foreign travellers in, it is very likely that some North Koreans are already infected. I do not think it is even possible to measure cases there because North Korea’s medical system is not well-established or advanced.” said Roh Kyoung-ho, a doctor at the National Health Insurance Service.

Seo Jae-pyoung, an activist originally from North Korea who now leads the Seoul-based Association of North Korean Defectors, said that he had heard reports of Covid-19 in North Korea. He said: “I have spoken with people in North korea and have heard that North Korea declared a state of emergency. I heard that the first case in North Korea was confirmed on January 27, and that the People’s Army locked down roads and railways in provincial cities, and that people were not even able to walk in the streets.  ”

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