İrem UZUN -TDO- Princess Basmah bint Saud bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, a high-profile human rights advocate who was abducted 13 months ago, asked her cousin Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for mercy on Twitter. Saudi Princess was taken on suspicion of trying to flee the country in March 2019 as she tried to fly to Switzerland to receive urgent medical care. She has not been seen or heard publicly from since.

In her Twitter page, Princess claimed that she had been “arbitrarily detained” in the kingdom’s Al Ha’ir prison without any criminal charges.  “As you may be aware (?) I am currently being arbitrarily held at Al-Ha'ir prison without criminal, or otherwise any charges against my person. My health is deteriorating to an extent that is (severe), and that could lead to my death,” she wrote.  “I have not received medical care or even response to the letters I dispatched from jail to the Royal Court. I was abducted without an explanation together with one of my daughters, and thrown into prison," she added.

Despite being from a royal family that has faced strong criticism over human rights abuses, Princess Basmah is known for her outspokenness on human rights. The princess has written numbers of rights-related articles for various newspapers. She has also been an advocate of constitutional reforms and criticized power structures in the kingdom.

In an interview with BBC in 2018, Princess Basmah urged royal family to end Saudi Arabia's military intervention in Yemen. "I am still an obedient citizen and I will always be behind the royal family, but I will never be quiet about what is happening on the ground," she told The Independent in 2012.

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