İrem GÖL -TDO- The ceasefire announced by the Saudi-led military coalition expired without leading to a permanent truce. Following the call of the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for a global ceasefire had pushed Yemen for an armistice. However, the Iran backed Houthi group did not accept the coalition’s ceasefire announcement, and the violence continues in several provinces. Since the attacks were carried out by the Houthi side, the coalition did not extend the ceasefire. The coalition has responded to recent Houthi advances with air strikes.

Special United Nations envoy Martin Griffiths addressed the UN Security Council on Thursday saying that he expects the combatants to formally adopt in the immediate future agreements on a nationwide ceasefire, economic and humanitarian measures and a resumption of political talks. However, Houthi’s spokesman Mohammed Abdusalam said UN proposals ignore important issues including the blockade and use a language which does not allow any commitment.

The current situation in the country raises fears that the country’s war will grind on and shatter its already weakened ability to combat coronavirus. The humanitarian aid groups expressed their worries that the Covid-19 outbreak could cause a catastrophe in Yemen after five years of constant war and violence.

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