Selin ATAY-TDO- At least three people including a British national have been injured in an "explosive attack" on the non-Muslim cemetery in the western Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah.

The incident took place on Wednesday morning during a First World War commemoration event attended by British, French, American, Italian and Greek officials at a cemetery in the city of Jeddah. According to the statement issued by Greek Foreign Ministry, a British national suffered minor injuries and a Greek police officer was injured during the incident.

Middle East and North Africa Minister James Cleverly considered the attack as "cowardly" and have strongly condemned the incident.

“The cemetery was the target of an improvised explosive device attack", a joint statement issued by the embassies of France, Greece, Italy, the United States of America, and Great Britain said.

"Such attacks on innocent people are shameful and entirely without justification. We wish those who were injured a prompt recovery, and thank the brave Saudi first responders who assisted those at the scene. We pledge our support to the Saudi authorities as they investigate this attack and prosecute its perpetrators " a  joint statement issued by the embassies of the five countries in attendance said.

Saudi officials have been called by French Foreign Ministry to “hunt down the perpetrators.” A Saudi man has been arrested by the authorities, but the motive for the incident has not yet been revealed.

Another attack targeting France occurred last month. A security guard was injured in a knife attack on the French Embassy. France has urged its citizens in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim-majority countries to be on "maximum alert" amid the heightened tensions.

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