Mustafa AY – TDO – 10.08.2018 Saudi Royal Air Forces’ aircrafts launched an airstrike on a bus full of children in Yemen’s city of Sa’ada. International Committee of Red Cross determined the figure of deaths as over 50 including in 29 children as well as 77 injured. Those seriously wounded were urgently referred to hospital by both locals and Red Cross officials. Red Cross called upon civil war’s parties to immediately reconcile with each other in order to cease 3-year long war.

That Saudi Air Forces committed homicide rightfully prompted reaction of international committee. Initially, International Committe of Red Cross denounced the attack since its officials on the ground witnessed the tragedy. After the airstrike’s terrfiyng results spread rapidly, United Nations released a condemnation message for those who are accountable for the ruthless attack. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres cited the necessity of an independent-neutral probe to illuminate the cruel attack.

 In response to reactions from international community, Riyadh released an assertion referring to that Shia Houthis used Yemeni civilians and kids as a shield to avoid attacks. Moreover, Saudi aircrafts targeted a missile launchers a missile about to hit Saudi Arabia’s city of Jiza. Thus, Saudi officials legitimized the attack and rejected the condemnations if they were for themselves.

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