İrem UZUN -TDO- Latest images show China adding new structures at disputed Galwan Valley, site of brawl that killed 20 Indian troops. The satellite images showing new construction activity in the week following the brutal hand-to-hand combat underline the challenge of disengagement and the risk of the accord still falling apart because of overlapping claims in the arid territory.

On Monday, Indian and Chinese military commanders agreed to step back from a weeks-old standoff at several locations along the disputed border. The apparent buildup underlines the possibility that the peace will not hold. Amid the detente, Beijing has continued to blame Indian troops for triggering the clash, while Indian media have reported that the Chinese military attacked Indian soldiers with sticks encrusted with nails. India says the area where the structures have been built are on its side of the poorly defined Line of Actual Control, the de facto border between the two nuclear powers. China claims the whole of Galwan Valley, located at about 4,300 meters as its territory. The construction includes camouflaged tents or covered structures against the base of a cliff and, a short distance away, a potential new camp under construction with walls or barricades.

On Thursday, India's foreign ministry accused China of escalating tensions and being in violation of bilateral agreements. "At the heart of the matter is that since early May the Chinese side had been amassing a large contingent of troops and armaments along the LAC," ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said in New Delhi. "This is not in accordance with the provisions of our various bilateral agreements." China's foreign ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the apparent activity.

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