In the context of the anti-Islamic sentiment throughout Europe, the election on May 5th of the first Muslim mayor of a Western capital is a new hope. The metropolis of London has displayed its diversity at the highest political level.Let’s meet the “mayor of all Londoners”After his election by receiving 57 per cent of the vote and succeeding Conservative Party mayor Boris Johnson, the Labour candidate Sadiq Khan twitted: “Thank you. Today was an amazing victory for hope over fear and for unity over division”. Compared to other countries where fear and division are constantly promoted through far right parties and their affiliated political groups, the UK’s capital city is the first example to elect an openly practicing Muslim mayor. 12% of the populationof London is Muslim. During the campaign, Khan focused his attention on high prices for housing and transportation in London. In his manifesto and repeatedly on TV shows, Khan stated that “London is the greatest city in the world. But we are at a crossroads”. Sadiq Khan aims to tackle inequalities and defend social justice by making the cost of living and public transportation affordable - priorities which have become the main challenges of his mandate. By Daniela BulardaYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of June

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