İlknur Şebnem Öztemel- TDO- Iraq’s ousted leader Saddam Husain’s grandson, Mesud Uday Saddam Husain, wrote a letter to American President Donald Trump regarding his family member’s bodies, detained in Iran and civil life losses in Iraq.

He wrote in the letter as ‘’ I want to call you as a grandson whose grandfather was executed. I want your help to bring bodies of our martyr’s (family members), detained in Iran, back. One of these is the body of mygrandfather’s brother Vatban İbrahim el-Hasan el-Tıkriti the other is Barzan İbrahim el-Hasan el-Tıkriti’’.  He said bodies of his father Uday Saddam Husain, his uncle Kusay Saddam Husain, his cousin Moustafa Kusay Saddam Husain, Avad Hamid el-Bandar and Taha Yasin Ramazan were taken by Shiite militants too and Iranian government refuse give them back.

Secondly, he asserted that many Iraqis suffer after the fall of Saddam’s regime in 2003, many innocent people imprisoned by Baghdad. Additionally, he alleged that civilians in Mosul were tortured by Hasbi Shabi militants and killed. He reminded that USA promised to secure civilians from violent acts of Shiite militants. Also, he argued that bombings of coalition forces cause civil deaths too. He defended that what Iranian regime do is against international law and human rights. He ended his letter as ‘’ I hope you to be sensitive about this issue and help us to take our corpses back from the biggest supporter of terrorism, Iran’’.

Organizing funeral is something significant in Islam. Everybody deserves to be buried in a proper way. So, it is understandable for Mesud Uday to have some kind of a demand. What made caught me here is his interpretation of the unfortunate   events in Mosul. Including Turkey, many Muslim countries warned World about the risks caused by letting Shiite forces to dominate Sunni lands in the operation. It seems, it is not just a ‘’mistake’’


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