Mustafa AY – TDO – 27.02.2018 Israeli reconnaissance satellite revealed Russia’s new brand 5th generation aircraft Sukhoi/SU-57’s deployment in Syria. According to the footages acquired by Israelis, four of SU-57s were deployed in Khmeimim military airbase in Syria. Following the leaked footages, anonymous officials from Russia said that Russian Air Forces decided on the deployment of the aircrafts in Syria because they are going through radar tests. So, they approved the authenticity of the leaked footages.

In September of 2017, General Bondalev, who’s undertaken the top office of Russian Air Forces, uttered that SU-57’s passed all the operational tests and even Russian forces used them in an airstrike against DAESH positions in Syria. But, on Monday, Russian officials stated that the aircrafts are undergoing the radar tests, which makes their statements quite contradictory with General Bondalev’s. These contradictory statements led many to occupy their minds with a dilemma referring to “what if SU-57s are not ready as claimed to be so?”.

Russia has compared its 5th generation aircraft with USA’s new brand aircrafts F-35s. According to the results of match of those two stealth jets, Russia put forward the rumors suggesting “full of technical malfunction… ineffective in comparison with its contemporaries(SU-57).” So, Russia conducted a sort of propaganda with the aim of discrediting F-35s. Through this way, Russia tried to discourage the potential buyers of F-35s. However, things are not going well in terms of Russia. While propagating F-35s, they ended up themselves in a contradictory situation that would create an impression of “unrealiable” for SU-57s on the arm market.

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