One of the refugee camps in Syria near the Turkish border has been bombed. Many have been killed by bombs landing right on the camp. The initial statement by the Syrian opposition has blamed the Syrian Air Forces. However, there has been no confirmation from Syria or elsewhere. On the day of the attack, the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra played a nice concert in the ruins of Palmyra, which were damaged by the ISIS.The actors of at least one these two different incidents were clear. The Russian, who according to Syrian dissidents have been brutal against them, were caring at the concert in Palmyra, from which they perhaps took some valuable mementoes home. The Russian land forces who were active in liberating Palmyra from the ISIS had been given valuable gifts by Beshar Assad in exchange for their services.
However, the amicable relations between Russian and pro-Assad Arabs in Syria do not apply in continental Europe or in the Russian federation. Russian sources have been portraying Arab refugees, especially those going to Germany, as rapists. According to reporting by Russia Today(RT), Arabs call their actions the “rape game.” Rightwing groups in Germany and Greece have joined Russian claims. The Pediga in Germany and Golden Dawn in Greece argue that the reporting of RT is true.In a news programme prepared by RT, images of a group of 40 men who rape three young German women are featured. The question why the group which raped three women were not prevented in Germany with its advanced policing and surveillance system is not answered. The outcome is that the Golden Dawn can call for “nationalism not being seen as a crime” and for tougher measures on refugees. Meanwhile RT paints all Arabs as the actors of the “Rape Game”, a German term.Whether Arab society has brought with it its common and twisted sexual practices such as polygamy and relations with minors to Europe remains to be seen. However, according to the Russian network, rape is a “game” for Arabs.
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