Selin ATAY-TDO-The Russian Orthodox Church has warned harshly that it will impose sanctions if clergy from the Greek Church recognize factions from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The possible sanctions will also affect Hajj revenues, which are important to Greece's economy.

The Russian Orthodox Church Synod gathered on October 17 and showed the Greek Church almost a kart yellow card adet. In the decision of Sinod, the Greek Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill will not commemorate himself in the rites if the leader of the Greek Church recognizes the leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Epiphany Dumenko. In church, this means the break of relations between the leaders.

On the other hand, the decision to end all kinds of relations with Greek clergy who knew the factions in Sinod was taken. In other words, the priests of the Russian Orthodox Church will not be able to attend a ritual directed by a bishop who recognizes factions and falls under sanctions. This also applies to an ordinary Christian of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The harshest decision ofSinod was that the pilgrimage visits to the regions governed by the clergy under sanctions would not be blessed. Sinod said in a statement that this decision will be reported to pilgrimage and tourism organizations in the countries of the Russian Orthodox Church region. In other words, the decision concerns not only the churches in Russia, but also in the churches of the Moscow Pathikhane. These include the former Soviet Union countries as well as Mongolia, Japan and China.

According to the companies that organize pilgrimage tours, Greece is the most popular pilgrimage point among the Russians after Israel. Thessaloniki, where the remains of St. Dimitrios, the island of Corfu, where the remains of St. Spiridon, Patras, where the remains of the First Apostle Andrew, as well as the Meteora Monastery, are the most visited by the Russians.

The granting of autosephal status to the Church of Ukraine is described as the greatest separation in the Orthodox Church in the last thousand years. Some other Orthodox churches, especially the Russian Orthodox Church, oppose this.


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