News Center - TDO-Russian Ambassador to Turkey Aleksey Yerhov and his spouse Irina Yerhova hosted a reception in consequence with “Russian National Day”.

Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Önal, as well as a large number of foreign mission representatives, diplomats and many other guests attended to the reception.

The program, which started with the greeting of Ambassador Yerhov, continued with the reading of the National Anthem and the National Anthem of Russia and the treats of Russian cuisine.

Mutual declared by the leaders of Russia and Turkey Culture and Tourism Year to be held in the context of Russian-Turkish relations desk carrying a symbolic meaning related to the establishment of a photo exhibition was held.

At the reception, this year's booklet, which was published by the Russian Embassy in Ankara, explained the touristic potential, cultural and historical heritage, traditions, sports, science and technology achievements of Russia.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of legendary Soviet and Russian firearm designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, photographs reflecting Kalashnikov's life and work were also displayed.

Russian Cossack Choir "Jivaya Starina", founded in 1989 in Saint Petersburg, gave a concert to the guests.

Speaking to reporters at the last part of the reception, Ambassador Yerhov said, "You are all welcome, it is a pleasure to see you at our embassy. Today we are celebrating Russia's Independence Day. The word independence is not very true. Russia was already an independent country. I hope you've tasted traditional Russian food and drink. “

Ambassador Yerhov asked a question from Russia about the future of a delegation for the S400s in mid-July and whether there was a change in Russia's position on the S-400. “We have taken a number of commitments and responsibilities towards the Republic of Turkey as the Russian Federation. They will fulfill and there are not any changes in question. For that you'll have to work very cumbersome way the experts of both countries. Russia will fulfill its responsibilities," Mr. Ambassador said.

Ambassador Yerhov also stated, "We are in constant contact with our Turkish colleagues for visa negotiations. I hope we will solve it."

Ambassador Yerhov stressed that the liaison channel between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is constantly open, "Our leaders are in touch as much as necessary. They are meeting both on mutual visits and on international platforms. The planned visits in the near future are possible." said.

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