İlknur Şebnem Öztemel- TDO- Mufti of Moscow and the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Muftis Council, Ildar Alyautdinov said they could contribute to the opening of a school for Syrian refugees, permanently settled in Lebanon.

Alyautdinov said "As I see, there are huge problems with medical assistance and education and there are very many orphans. We will contribute to the solution of problems in these three spheres. Maybe we will help to open a school. We would like to set ourselves this task for this year". He added that they had set a task to support 100 Syrian children.

Earlier this month, the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Russia along with the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Moscow and the Russian Muftis Council sent humanitarian cargoes for the Syrian refugees living in camps near the Syrian-Lebanese border.

A hundred years ago, the whole expanse from India to Turkey was a battlefield between Russia and the main Western power at that time, the British Empire. Adventurers, spies, diplomats and plotters of all stripes roamed the area. This contest was known as "The Great Game".  West was the winner of this rivalry. Their pool of information, experience of diplomacy and money helped them also to be the victor of the Cold War.

Putin as a new breath in Russian bureaucracy, understood how significant the soft power is, decided to use Russian natural resources to strengthen national economy and to negotiate with all the ‘’bizarre’’ figures of international community. For instance, Putin invited Hamas representatives to Moscow in 2006.

It is obvious that if you are not known in the public, you have no sphere of influence and you are weak. It seems like Putin still tries to increase the number of his ‘’buddies’’ and Russian credibility to intervene to the region. It is natural, necessary and our duty to help victims but doing this through government and through a Russia-based Muslim institution means different things.


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