Kremlin: Three crew members and two officers on board died
Mi-8 Russian helicopter was shot down over Idlib held by regime-opponents after delivering humanitarian aid to Aleppo and according to Kremlin spokesman, three crew members and two officers have died.
Russia' defense ministry clarified that the Mi-8 transport helicopter had been shot down in Idlib after delivering aid to Aleppo as it made its way back to Russia' main air base in Latakia.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has verified that all crew members on board dead in the attack after defense ministry’s information report. Peskov also stated that those died in the helicopter attack were heroes because they have been trying to move the helicopter away to minimize victims on the ground.
Also Kremlin indicated that which group or who did this attack was unknown at that moment. In parallel with this statement, no group has claimed responsibility for shooting the helicopter down.
Islamic State fighters are not active in the area, but there are other Islamist rebel groups in this area backed by the United States and this situation can cause a major diplomatic incident that helicopter might been shot down by a U.S.-supplied weapon.
Shared images on social media taken at the scene of the crew in helicopter crash showed a dead body stripped through the dirt and also Russian identity documents taken from the helicopter could also be seen.
As to official declarations, this loss of life has been the biggest loss for Russian forces since they started operations in Syria and after this attack, loss for Russian forces in Syria came up to eight-teen.
As is known, in July another Russian helicopter was shot down by Islamic State in Palmyra and two pilots were killed.
Serhat Tunar

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