Mustafa AY – TDO – 13.07.2018 On account of the fact that USA and EU’s 5th Generation aviation industries have gained momentum, Russian Air Forces has been processed through extensive modernization. That USA manufactured high technology fifth generation aircrafts like F-22 Raptor and F-35 A/B/C predictably put Russia in motion to produce those abovementioned aircrafts’s contemporaries. For this reason, Russia embarked on a distinct aerial program to develop fifth generation aircraft of their own. So, Russia achieved manufacturing fifth generation aircraft Su-57 or T-50 Pak Fa through Russian Sukhoi Corporation’s technologiical infrastructure and accumulation of knowledge on aviation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin raised his awareness concerning that Russian Air Forces must be processed with modernization. Because in Russian Air Forces’s inventories, there are still Soviet-made aircrafts operating since 1970 and 80’s. In light of abovementioned reason, Russia launched full-scale modernization program, not only including in fighter jets, but also in strategic bombardment aircrafts. So, Russian strategic bombardment aircraft Tupolev 160’s will be superseded by highly modernized aircraft named Tupolev 160-M, which is actually upgraded version of Tu-160’s.  By the virtue of this modernization program, Russian Air Forces could stand a chance of raising its capacity and soon as they will enter into service. The expected date for Tu 160-M to enter in service is 2022.

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