Ayberk Eryılmaz- TDO- 02.08.2017- Russian media, particularly Sputnik News, highlighted that Russia will give asymmetric response the Polish authorities because of their decision demolishing the Soviet monuments. On 17 July, Polish President Andrzej Duda had acceded to a proposal adjusting the demolition of almost 500 Soviet monuments throughout the country. Furthermore, the objects which connect with Communist notions have been renamed so as to annihilate any Communist propaganda. On the contrary, the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that “If the Polish authorities show aggressive reaction in the monumental sphere, they need to know that it would not be without consequences. The Polish administration should be aware their hostile actions in the memorial area.” He also added that retaliatory measures will be imposed thoroughly.

After Polish administration and assembly rendered a verdict for the amendment of law banning propaganda of Communism and the wiping out the Soviet tracks from Polish era, Russian Prime Minister Sergei Lavrov underlined to be condemned the Poland’s political decision. Already, Russian Parliament Duma accepted to appeal to European law makers in connection with the Polish President’s decision. According to the Russian newspaper Izvestiya, Russia is preparing an asymmetrical reciprocity in consideration of enactment approved by the Polish authorities. There are several options. To illustrate, Russia may lower the bilateral economic and political relationships or impose sanctions against politicians involving the enactment process. Moreover, the sanctions may be broadened and remove to international level with the aid of Russian sway which can easily attract to international public attention to this issue.

Frankly, the experts who is interlocutor with this aspect specify that Russia most probably impose personal sanctions against Polish politicians who is the author of this enactment.  Besides, Russia perceives the enactment is illegal and may spread to states which are former partners of Soviets. In this respect, it is expected from Russia will bring up this aspect to the international public agenda. In the meantime, the Federation Council has request from Putin to take retaliatory measures against Poland.

The Foreign Ministry has pointed out that they constantly remind about the question of Soviet monuments to the Polish side at every opportunity. Diplomatic sources nuncupated about dismantling of monuments to Soviet soldiers who died while rescued Poland from Nazis and if the enactment appears in practice, it absolutely brings about the destruction of remembrance of Soviet Red Army soldiers dying in the name of Polish emancipation.  In addition to that in terms of Russian diplomats, the proposal attempts to rewrite history which cause to blacken the memory and victory of Soviet troops. In other words, Polish government does not neglect the construction of black propaganda against Soviets and Communism while the government pursue to liquidate these. Whereas, the thing that should not be ignore is an agreement providing total protection to monuments standing near the graves of Soviet soldiers were signed by Russia and Poland in 1994 and the attitudes of Polish government violates this agreement.

Apart from those, the Russian Duma and Israeli Knesset declared to European parliament’s denouncing that the Polish bill is an insulation of Holocaust victims and victory of Soviet troops against Nazis. 

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